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> > "A recent example was given of this on another
> > TM-related list where a friend of one of John
> > Hagelin's research assistants explained to him
> > that Hagelin had insisted there was not sufficient
> > scientific evidence to support 'pure consciousness'
> > as a unified field. Mahesh disagreed and told him
> > 'change it or I'll get someone else'.
> BTW, this post of Vaj's to alt.m.t was made on
> January 28 of this year.  Patrick's post to FFL
> was made on January 23, hence the phrase "a recent
> example."
> You know, just in case Vaj tries to claim that
> wasn't the FFL post he was referring to.

Actually I had heard this mentioned here before you graced this fine 

But nice try!

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