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> on 5/20/06 7:20 PM, bob_brigante at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> >
> > That's fuzzy, yah moron, and you are a complete phony in addition to
> > your striking lack of intelligence. You don't have a problem with
> > labeling people as (to quote your phrase in phrase 98617 which you
> > left out of this post) "bug-eyed cult zombies" who belong to "a
> > strange, insignificant little cult" (Msg 98557). But when somebody
> > points out the idiotic ideas you embrace, you get all self-righteous --
> >  let me guess, was your psycho dad this way?
> In case anyone wonders why I don't get upset by posts like this, it's
> because I figure they say a lot more about Bob than they do about me. "Give
> him enough rope and he'll hang himself" is my approach. They also say
> something about TM or the package for spiritual development that includes
> TM. There must be something missing if someone devoted to this path for so
> many decades can still speak like this.

I would say you ARE a complete phony since you apparently HAVE said that you believe
that Tmers are "bug-eyed cult zombies" who belong to "a strange, insignificant little
cult" (Msg 98557).  To get upset about a post that repeats your own words would be odd
indeed, and to pretend that you don't get upset at such a post because it says more about
the other guy than about you IS to be a complete and utter phony.

Not to mention having a lack of intelligence by not seeing what you've just said about
yourself. Dare I suggest that your time with Amma doesn't seem to have helped much, if
any? In fact, I remember you as being far more centered the only time I met you 25 years
or so ago then you come across now.

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