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> > > But in what I observed, he hardly  "came to MIU in the first place
> > > because his expert view was that consciousness *was* the unified
> > > field." Thats a rewriting of history IMO.
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> > Indeed. And a typical of the lies Judy casually tries to path as 
> > truth. If you wanna argue all day with someone like a Jehovah's 
> > Witness you accidentally invited in your home, it may be your cup of 
> > tea. But as with most fundies, It's often best to just sit back and 
> > smile and enjoy a laugh.
> My comments were about Domash. Judy clarified she was referring to
> Haiglin. I was not around when Haiglin arrived. So I am not sure of
> his mindset when he did.

I'm not clear on the exact timeline, but I believe that Hagelin talked to MMY AFTER he had
moved to MIU or shortly before so  either way, his main work on Flipped SU(5) started after
he was already living at Fairfield.

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