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> > TorguiseB writes snipped:
> >  Diggin' in the dirt looking for the cause of darkness is fine if
> > that's your predilection in life, but I've had remarkable success
> > with just turning on the light, and I'm not going to
> > write that experience off just because others haven't.
> >
> > Tom T:
> > I guess I have not made myself clear. What I am alluding to is that
> > there a great number of people in this town and some here on FFlife
> > that have both arms extended full length trying desparately to not
> > look at or engage in dealing with major issues. They don't have to go
> > digging in the dirt it is all around them and piling up deeper with
> > every passing second. It is sometimes phrased as "Sh*t happens". The
> > extent one is in denial is what I am driving at. Anything out there
> > outside of me that can fix all these problems is not going to get
> > anything to happen. When one finally gives in the actual dealing with
> > the issue takes about 5% of ones energy while it took almost all the
> > energy to remain indenial. The amount of energy expended in defending
> > a position or holding off the ultimate disaster is tons more energy
> > then it takes to let go and get it done. In the end it will have you
> > either way, why bother avoiding it. You will either deal with your
> > sh*t before you wake up or most assuredly after. Enjoy.Tom
> "Not digging in the dirt" is the rationale used by many sidhas here
> when they move into a S-ved home as a way of solving their marital
> communication problems, or do a yagya as a way to treat their chronic
> depression or OCD, or spend half their waking life meditating trying
> to get over some early life emotional pain.
> I agree there's a severe limit to the progress that can be made with
> talk therapy that focuses on intellectual analysis of past hurts.  But
> the fact remains that you can't transcend your way out of deep
> emotional pain,

Who told you that? While its been true for me that the aftermath of transcending my way
out of deep emotional pain is painful, there was no requirement that I understood WHY I
was screaming or crying during meditation practice --it just happened.

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