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> "So, if all this is extremely helpful and you haven't been involved in
> TM in 15 years, what are you doing here? Participation here is a waste
> of time for everyone, of course, but certainly for someone who outgrew
> TM 15 years ago and has had great experiences since..."
> I know this was not addressed to me.  But I do fit the description,
> although I would not say I outgrew TM.  I let go of it as a conceptual
> model.
> This group discusses very abstract topics in a way that is
> unconstrained by TM dogma. That makes it possible to actually discuss
> topics in a human way that I think has a real value.  The questions
> about human awareness and it's meaning are not restricted to
> spiritually minded people.  Thoughtful people from all perspectives
> think about this stuff, even humanists.  For me to learn new
> perspectives takes going outside the group of people who already
> thinks as I do.  Hanging out with people from other cultures can do
> the same.
> This opportunity is unique.

Not really. There are plenty of forums where such discussions take place. This is the one
where people with TM baggage participate.

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