--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "hyperbolicgeometry" 
> ---Thanks, Jim...(below - do I have any answers of my own?  Not to 
> any single, arbitrarily picked Sidhi you can pick out of a hat, or 
> particular solution to a mathematical problem) (say, the Riemann 
> Hypothesis); but I do have at least 500 entries in Sloane's 
> Encyclopedia of Integer sequences (online). This type of knowledge 
> was acquired by a "partial" Sidhi; meaning - by analogy - that one 
> can hop before full levitation.
>  The point is, that there are no certitudes regarding Sidhis.  
> Certain idiot-savants have the most remarkable mental Sidhis.  
> Lutes said that she had certain psychic Sidhis before beginning 
> but that after starting TM, MMY (and her natural absorbtion in 
> allowed her to pass beyond those psychic levels.  However, one can 
> just as well have NO Siddhis and pass beyond all levels.
>   All claims as to possession of Sidhis quickly place one on a 
> slippery slope to the most absurd conclusions: such claims lead to 
> infinite regress of more, upon more, upon more: if Superman can 
> a small moon, then a double-Superman can lift two moons, and so on.
>  At any rate, I don't even accept the supposed fact of your own 
> Enlightenment.  Here's an E'd person. You can't hold a candle to 
> http://www.nydzogchen.com/norbu.html
Well now that we are talking about personal opinions, I agree that 
demonstration of Sidhis isn't necessary for Enlightenment. As to 
your acceptance or not of my supposed Enlightenment, please have it 
your way. To change your mind or heart, you would have to be me.

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