--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "jim_flanegin" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Oh, OK- Got it. So my question back is, what practical difference in 
> your life would it make if you witnessed someone, even yourself, 
> externally manifesting a sidhi?
> Would deep contentment well up from within you? Would you gain 
> eternal peacefulness? Would your life be ever dedicated to God? Or 
> would you think about how neat it was, and then just go back to 
> whatever patterns your life has taken on?

I think that anyone who thinks that witnessing the
siddhis would change their life in a major way is
fooling themselves. Been there, done that, so often
over a period of fourteen years that we all got kinda
bored watching them being demonstrated. Ho hum, he's
levitating again.

Don't get me wrong...at first there *is* a liberating
effect of witnessing these things, along the lines 
of a simultaneous "letting go" of a lifetime's dis-
belief in such phenomena. At the same time there is
a level of physical freakout that is difficult to
put into words (Carlos Castaneda does it well IMO),
as your body reacts to having its world turned upside

But in the long run, other than opening you in a very
personal way to the possibility of "more things in
heaven and earth, Horatio," it's not really as earth-
shaking as one might imagine.

Especially if one believes as I do (and always did,
even while witnessing these things) that there is
absolutely no connection between the siddhis and

> By the way, the best book I ever read of people manifesting sidhis 
> was by one of this planet's most powerful and magnificent saints, 
> Yogananda. His recountings are 100% true, so what more do you need?

Again, I think that many aren't as in touch with their
innate ability to *disbelieve* as they could be. :-)
One of the things that strikes you the strongest when
witnessing siddhis is how strongly your mind and body
wants to *NOT* believe what you are seeing and exper-
iencing. They crave rationality and predictability and
they (mind and body) really don't LIKE having to witness
these things that Just Don't Compute.

I've seen people sit and watch someone levitate and 
admit it verbally as it happens and then get up and
leave the room and then claim the next day that it never
happened, and that they had never said such a thing.
They had simply blotted the whole experience out of
their minds because their minds didn't want to deal
with it.

The same thing would happen with a book, any book.
If someone's natural doubt about such things is trig-
gered, the fact that Yogananda wrote a book about
witnessing siddhis means nothing more than the fact
that I wrote a book about witnessing siddhis. If your
mind is doing the doubt thing, it's going to do the
doubt thing no matter who the supposed "expert" is.

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