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> > Wow, Rick, thats interesting. I would love to teach TM at a reasonable
> > price once in a while. I know someone who does this.
> >
> There are several who are quite successful at it.
> >
> > I've been tempted
> > but I always think back the fact that I signed a legal covenant
> > promising not to when I was on TTC. How do you or others view the
> > ethics of this? There has been  so much organizational change over the
> > years -- I wonder if the organization still exists that I made the
> > covenant with. I think it was the World Plan Executive Council.
> >
> Your call. Has the TMO always honored its commitments?

So a promise is only valid as long as the other side keeps their side of the bargain?

Tends to work that way. If your spouse violates their wedding vows repeatedly, you take your own vows less seriously and get divorced. __._,

Hey Lawson, wanna buy a used mantra?

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