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Wow, Rick, thats interesting. I would love to teach TM at 

a reasonable

price once in a while. I know someone who does this.

There are several who are quite successful at it.

I've been tempted

but I always think back the fact that I signed a legal 


promising not to when I was on TTC. How do you or others 

view the

ethics of this?

Probably all the non-rectified teachers have thought through this, 

including myself. What Maharishi has done is abviously difficult to 

digest, but does makes sense on many different levels. 

For me it would be a great mistake to use the knowledge I received 

from Maharishi for my personal gain. And yes, I do hear all the 

arguments about learning people something good, trying to achieve 1%, 

following the instructions they received directly from Maharishi 

etcetc. But in my opinion; if someone uses Maharishis knowledge 

against his wish, he/she is doing so out of some kind of greed; 

moneywise perhaps or ego or whatever. 

And this has been demonstrated again and again by the 

socalled "independent" teachers that have posted on this forum; they 

are basically interested in, promoting themselves, not much altruism 

there, IMO.

Does it make sense to go against the wishes of the person who gave you the lineage you're supposedly teaching in--and then turn around and invoke that lineage as part of the initiation process? Or is it yours to use after you got it?

It would probably be cheaper to go over to SSRS's branch of the same lineage and become a initiator there. And you'd still be doing some real world-service (or at least feel like you were).

It was interesting at the MUM Donavan concert a couple of the prospective MUM kids mentioned that they had to learn TM to come there, *but only from a re-certified teacher*, otherwise no dice. It seems like such a scam.


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