Title: Dr. Robert Schneider Publishes New Book
June 14, 2006

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Dr. Schneider Publishes Book on Heart Health
Faculty member Robert Schneider achieved another milestone in the University’s 20-year history of research on cardiovascular disease this month with the publication of his book, Total Heart Health: How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease with the Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health.

“We congratulate Dr. Schneider on the publication of this landmark book,” said Craig Pearson, University executive vice-president. “It is the capstone of more than 20 years of research work by Dr. Schneider and his colleagues, in collaboration with universities around the country.”

According to Dr. Schneider, the book gives the wholeness of the 40 aspects of Maharishi Vedic Approach to HealthSM using the angle of cardiovascular disease and categorizes these aspects into the areas of mind, body, and environment.

The book explains that everything inside and outside us is based on an inner intelligence of nature. This level of the “inner healer” has been discovered both by ancient Vedic science and by modern science in physics and physiology. When any part of one’s physiology, such as blood pressure, gets disconnected from the network of inner intelligence, which can happen as a result of negative influences from the body, mind, or environment, imbalances and illness such as heart disease can result.

The book begins with a review of the major cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, stress, obesity, smoking, and diabetes. It then explains the approaches recommended to restore balance in the mind, body, and environment using techniques such as the Transcendental Meditation® program, dietary guidelines and use of herbal supplements, and Maharishi VedicSM architecture.

“People can apply a lot of this knowledge on their own,” said Dr. Schneider. “They can do an assessment of their own mind-body type and begin right away with a program to restore balance.”

The book targets a huge portion of the population because 150 million Americans suffer from one or more risk factors for heart disease and over half of all Americans will die from this disease.

“The number one cause of death in the world today is cardiovascular disease,” Dr. Schneider said. “The book is really meant to bring out the knowledge of how to prevent and treat heart disease, based on the University’s extensive research, in a popular yet science-based format.”

Dr. Pearson said the book opens the door not only to a healthy heart but to perfect health, enlightenment, and world peace. “I hope this book reaches many millions of people worldwide and inspires leaders in government, business, and education to make Maharishi’s programs for perfect health, enlightenment, and peace available to everyone.”

Visit http://www.totalhearthealth.info for an overview of this natural approach to a healthier heart.

SM Maharishi Vedic Approach to Health, Maharishi Vedic, and Maharishi University of Management are registered or common law trademarks licensed to Maharishi Vedic Education Development Corporation and used under sublicense or with permission.

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