This is what keeps me coming back to FFL! You just can't get this 
kind of entertainment, which is so well tailored to the TMO 
experience, anywhere else.

Wasn't the whole CIA thing compelling for its time? It sure helped 
that MMY insisted that the initiators wear suits, so the more 
comfortable someone looked in a suit (and the less blissed out), the 
more it was possible that he was....a SPY....

I didn't hang out so much with those who looked comfortable in their 
suits so I don't know if they noticed much suspicion.

--- In, "nablus108" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 
> It is interesting to watch. Whenever there is a postive note 
> appearing regarding Maharishi or his teaching - the following posts 
> here on FFL will be flooded with old posts and comments, copied at 
> length. As if to put the positive post about Maharishi to the back 
> quickly as possible. 
> When Maharishi postulated his ideas about the CIA infiltrating the 
> Movement in the '70s he commented that their agenda is; divide, 
> divide, divide.
> And the americans think they live in a free society ? Hah ! 
> of democracy ? Hah !
> When the Berlin Wall, and communism as we know it, came down in 
> Maharishi said; The next to go is capitalism.
> Thats the fate of the future. 
> Even CIA cannot prevent this from happening even though modern 
> capitalism is an american invention. 
> Meanwhile the americans are using massive funds to disrupt the free 
> flow of information. As in Afghanistan and Iraq.
> To (freely) quote Vimalananda: *Even the Blessing of God has a 
> beginning and an end. The Blessing from Vishu upon the USA has now 
> come to an end* 
> His statements came in the mid 1980's

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