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IIRC there is also an interview with one of the Shankaracharya's  

where they state that it is an assumed name and that he was not

a yogi either.

Vaj may not be aware--or does not want readers to be

aware--that this interview was conducted by Robert

Kropinski, who had made a huge deal of suing TM for

all kinds of damages (his case was essentially thrown

out of court, and there was a private settlement on

the one remaining charge).

Plus which, if you read the entire interview, you'll

find many misstatements of fact on the part of the

shankaracharya, plus an obvious very strong anti-Maharishi

bias.  Kropinski's intention in holding this interview

was to provide the shankaracharya with a platform to

denounce MMY.

The important thing about His Holiness' comments on M. is that they represent first hand knowledge, and of course, if true, would account for His Holiness' derogatory remarks on M. Who better to comment then someone who was there and was close to Guru Dev! His comments have the ring of truth *and* represent traditional practices in this lineage.

His comments do jive with other sources from the Shankaracharya of the south and other Swamis who knew SBS personally (and probably numerous others as well)--and this just as a casual observation, I'm not a full time apologist or someone who lives vicariously thru TM. However if one spent time in such a pursuit as some here do, night and day, it'd be easy to get to the truth. But as it stands now, there are few who care.

What is suspicious is the second hand accounts and the mere speculation, most of which comes from movement types who have a long history of attempting to whitewash movement history.

So this is hardly what one could consider an "objective"



No assembly of saints has either conferred upon him a title of 


Did any "assembly of saints" confer the same title on

Ramana Maharishi?  Or did he acquire it informally on

the basis of the admiration of his students?

Not sure--he's from a different lineage and unique in this way. Mahesh comes from a long established institution, the Holy Shank. Order.

I think he know what Guru Dev called him, GD called him Mahesh. And he probably didn't change his name until after his death.

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