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Absolutely not. Again, restful alertness is

consciousness projected into and identified with a

condition of mind. All mental conditions are neither

"closer" nor "further" from pure consciousness. That

being said, a technique that reduces mental activity

(the vrittis of the chitta, e.g., TM)is effective for

facilitating the conditions that allow pure

consciousness to cease projecting into and identifying

with mind. However this cessation of projection and

identification has nothing to do with any technique.

The cessation comes from the side of pure

consciousness coming to a crashing halt! Hey Vaj or

anyone else. I just realized that this projection is a

specific shakti. Is there a shakti of ignorance?

Veiling power of maya. What buddhist or Vedic/Hindu

deity is associated with maya?

Maya-shakti, the power of delusion, which is increased by samyama.

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