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> > > > Seems like MMY likes all the benefits of having
> > > > disciples, but he accepts none of the reponsibility of
> > > > having disciples.
> > > > 
> > > sounds like saying a tree likes all the benefits of having 
> > but 
> > > accepts none of the responsibility of having leaves, because 
> > drop 
> > > off in the Fall.
> > 
> > Does sound that way, but in Mahesh's case it's much more a matter 
> > of "you owe me everything and I owe you nothing". He'd be only 
> > delighted to have you (or preferably someone important) as a 
> > as long as and only as long as you were doing something for him. 
> > moment you stop, like a leaf in the fall, you drop. 
> > 
> > One of Mahesh's close advisors who helped him with the SCI course 
> > Fiuggi said after that Mahesh treated people like orange slices, 
> > sucked out the juice and tossed the peel.
> > 
> > Ask not for whom the bell peals, it peals for thee!
> There is a huge disconnect here, IMO. The discussion is on disciples
> -- which I took to mean people who have tken formal vows of
> bramacharaya directly from Maharishi and have served him for years.
> You refer to advisors to MMY. Quite different categories in my view.
> But there may be some overlap. 
> I think a few like Shannon, Rob, Louis, Billie, Johny etc. took vows
> and some of these may have been seen as "advisors" at Fuiggi. 
> none of these western bramacharayas lasted as such more than a year 
> two. Either they left (Shannon, Rob and Louis's case as I recall), 
> MMY sent them out to the field -- "message recieved" -- as was the
> case with Billie as I recall.
> The issue, as I understand it, was about longer term "disciples".
> These IMO are those who have taken formal vows of 
> and have lasted more than 5 years or so. Nakishore, Satyand, Bevan
> come to mind as possibly meeting this criteria.
> My question to Peter did he hear directly from any long-term 
> that MMY accepts none of the reponsibility of
> having disciples. Or is it simply baseless speculation?
> I am aware that most of the short-lived disciples felt things along
> the lines of "Mahesh treated people like orange slices, he 
>  sucked out the juice and tossed the peel." And IMO these are lovely
> articulate people. I don't discount their personal observation and
> views. However, they do not represent long-term disciples.
> Now if you are rasing Devendra as as case, you may have a point.

Devendra is such a sad case in point. He was such a lovely 
person. 'Disciple' has all kinds of meanings from brahmacharia (and 
whatever the fem. case of that word might be) or it might mean long 
term follower/devotee, like Vincent Snell or the guy who translated 
the Gita for him (sorry, the name just won't step forward).

The person to whom I referred was a very long term disciple/devotee 
who gave everything he had until he saw what he was up against: 
someone who only cared about himself.

I caught Mahesh in a highly compromising activity early in my TM 
stint. I simply could not admit to myself that what I saw meant 
exactly what I knew, but could not admit, it meant. When he asked me 
to work for him, to be one of his secretaries I was flattered and saw 
an opportunity to watch him. This I did. 

He's an intensely hard working individual. But he's often working 
hard trying to find something that will "work"/sell. He is one of the 
most brilliant interviewers I have ever encountered: he can get 
anything out of anyone, if, of course, he suspects you have something 
he can use to make himself more important.

If you do TM and it feels good, which it does, you are likely to buy 
into the rest of the package. Finding a tiny diamond chip at the tip 
of an iceberg does not mean the whole iceberg is one free diamond, 
but heck, only Mahesh has wast wedic wisdom, we have to trust him, 
don't we.

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