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> >> You got nothing. You are just looking for attention, but will 
> >> something to make up that is totally unsubstantiated and
> >> uncorroborated by the majority of the people who were there.
> >>
> > That's true, because the majority who were there weren't in the  
> > inner circle. But those in the inner circle soon learned that 
> > private and public personae were quite different. This discovery  
> > caused the majority of MMY's personal secretaries to leave the  
> > movement. __
> Thanks for mentioning this, I think this important point is not  
> mentioned enough. As word leaked out about his duplicity it helped  
> many make the decision to split. Once you knew the public side was  
> essentially a front, a facade and M. a poseur, you realize it's 
> a business. That's one of the reasons many believe the words  
> attributed to Guru Dev when he said 'go to the mountains to 
> you'll never be good at anything other than making money.' (huge  
> paraphrase).
> "Mahesh has been interested in power, in the accumulation of 
> and in women. Why does he live in a big house, own helicopters,  
> airplanes, etc? Why does he spend most of his time involved in  
> business planning about making money? It is because he is a  
> businessman who has the desires that other wealthy businessmen 
> His spiritual front is his scam and the way he gets people to give  
> him their time and money." --Earl Kaplan

Accurate insight, in my opinion, Vaj. Ture believers will always find 
reason to believe. Like the Jehovah's witnesses, the more you point 
out the flaws, the stronger they grow. When they come to the door I 
just tell them I'm a reformed Druid (we're allowed to worship 
bushes). It's an old M*A*S*H* joke.

If you read Joyce Collin-Smith's "Call No Man Master" or Paul Mason's 
Mahesh bio, it's perfectly clear that Mahesh is all about getting 
himself worshiped. 

I clearly remember the newspaper stories: he declared his mission 
failure and said he was retiring to the Himilayas. It was AFTER this 
that the Beatles made him famous and he bounced back with a vengence. 
First he created huge numbers of TM teachers (Mallorca, Fiuggi, La 
Antilla). He coo'd like a dove cooing to another dove from whom it 
hoped to borrow money (favourite Wodehouse quote) at the peak of 
rounding: no one can love you like I can, you are going to save the 
whole world, get the money from an auntie, from your gran ....

Mahesh could be a real slime ball. And, what did he teach on his 6-
month courses? Stuff borrowed and re-worked from Yogananda. I did all 
of the Yogananda lessons after TM, out of curiosity more than 
anything else. There were the A of E techniques and contacts provided 
more information about the 6-month courses. Just more of Yogananda 
with his lovely spin on it.

And the 'sidhi' stuff? He had no idea, literally. He sent people to 
India to find yogis; he got obscure translations, he fiddled and 
fumed and tinkered ... but what worked best was the cooing, get 'em 
all spacey and suggest hopping. How simple; he'd always known that 
people would pay him for what they expected to get in return and that 
he never had any trouble convincing them it was their fault it wasn't 
working. He still bitches about too much negativity, too little work 
being done by others, yadda, yadda.

The "real" Mahesh is someone completely imaginary for most people. 
But, yes, there was an inner circle, people who liked what they were 
doing and since he was providing room and board and the company of 
each other, they didn't particularly object doing it for him. But 
behind closed doors, the discussion shifted to how completely bonkers 
Mahesh was. Stripped of his public facade, he was a nutter with 
charm, intelligence, charisma by the sackful. But his ideas and his 
wast wedic wevelations were total kaka. It was all provided by people 
who not only told him what the Sanskrit said, but what the Sanskrit 

It was all spindoctoring based on the work of others.

Do nothing, accomplish everything took on a whole new meaning. YOU 
bust your balls and I take all the credit.

Well, that was fun. Nothing new, but fun. Those who see, see. Those 
who don't see, still see. A finger points at the moon. Some will 
always and only consider the finger.

Happy trails. There are better things to do than worry about some Jim 
Jones type dressed in sheets and wearing makeup.

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