It's a shame to see a whole State in the United States, fold;
But that is exactly what has happen in the State of New Jersey.
The stench on the beach in Atlantic City,
Mussels rotting, in the sun;
Only serve to symbolize;
The demise of this haunted state...
There's always been the famous myth  that the devil lives in New Jersey;
Perhaps the Donald?
Maybe so, but this is a State in big trouble.
A gay governor cruising the highway, is not a good image;
Especially in this time of war,
A former governor,
Christy Whitman:
Turns against the President on environmental issues:
That is truly irony at it's finest.
All I know is all my ex's live in New Jersey;
And it has not been the luckiest place, in the world,
For me.
Robert Gimbel,    Madison,WI

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