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Snip " Making a poster that gives the

appearance of the eventual outcome of the Yogic FLying technique (at

least in MMY's belief) is a subtle

way of establishing in the mind the goal of the technique, which is a

necessary part of the process of the technique, from what MMY has

said." snip

That was really funny!  You are being satirical about how a true

believer would try to cover up a blatant misuse of science to attempt

to deceive people right? "Establishing in the mind the goal", that was

your best line!  

Nope. Deadly serious. As a Unitarian minister once commented about MMY's loose use of 

language about Yogic Flying in his world-wide publicity stunts and ads and so on: "he's 

trying to change the global paradigm."

People can't fly not just because of their own state of conscioiusness and expectations, but 

because of the consciousness and expectations of the entire world, or such appears to be 

MMY's belief:

The Laws of Nature [devas] active in the world are very stupid and need to be woken up.

What a load of crap.

According to both the YS and Tat Whale Baba's successor, it's not just about perfecting the "flying sutra", it's also about perfecting the sutra on the prana which allows one to sustain the experience (of floating/flying)--and most importantly knowing the oral instructions of how to bring this particular form of prana through a pranic conduit up into the skull (and the asanas/visualizations/breathing). The downside is that screwing up in this pranic force, esp. in bringing it into the "head" is that it is also also the prana that underlies thought. Screw it up and you go insane. True story.

Don't kill the messenger.

If you want to truly learn to leverage this siddhi for enlightenment (for yourself and others), you'd better have someone who knows this practice real handy. It's not just important to know how to do it, but how to know what to do when 'thing go awry'.

There's a person on this list who can tell you more. He's been to meet these siddhas. 

R. can you share your experiences in Nepal? My apologies if I've said too much.


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