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Many people immediately thought of Saddam because
> his name was much more recognizable than OBL at the time.

However, Bush himself says he thought OBL might be the culprit.
Bush was more aware of OBL than may people were at that time, OBL was not a house hold name then, Saddam was and had a reputation of causing trouble since '91, actually before. The administration had every right to look into the possibility of any links between Saddam and OBL for the simple reason Saddam had openly bragged in the media only a couple years earlier that he  gave large sums  of money to the families of suicide bombers. There had been stories of a cartoon in an Iraqi newspaper showing jet planes flying into the World Trade center towers and a story that Czech intelligence had information that Mohamed Atta had met with Iraqi intelligence. Ruling out Saddam's involvement in 911 couldn't be done instantly or in a matter of days or months.

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