--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "Kenny H" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <no_reply@> wrote:
> > Thanks for the honest apraisal. It's not something 
> > we've come to expect from anyone with a TM history.
> You know, Barry, I believe you say these kinds of things to see 
> just how many people you can involve in lengthy argumentative 
> diatribes. 

Point taken about the above comment; it was uncalled 
for and I apologize for it.

But to your point, if you had been paying attention I 
think you would have noticed that I *don't* argue here
on FFL (or on any other Internet forum) any more. I 
just post what I have to say and then allow people to
post what they have to say in reply. If they respond
to a single post of mine with five or six replies of
their own, and I allow them to without either defend-
ing my original point or commenting further, that 
doesn't quite constitute getting involved in lengthy
argumentative diatribes in my book. Your mileage may
vary. From my point of view, It's usually more like 
one diatribe, followed by people who got their buttons
pushed posting multiple times *trying* to get me to
argue with them. :-)

I also don't get involved in "defending myself" when
people express their negative opinions of me. It seems
to me to be a waste of time. People can say pretty
much anything they want about me; I don't care. Some
of it may even be true. :-)

> I am not going to get suckered in past this post. 

Cool. I've retracted the statement. It made sense at
the time, but this morning it doesn't, so I retract it.

> An old long-time friend of yours from Rama, who is a really 
> long-time friend of mine, recently told me that you really 
> do seem to like to argue. 

In the past that was more true. Now I really do try
to content myself with saying my piece and then allow-
ing others to say theirs. I really have no point of 
view to sell or try to convince people of. Plus, for
good or bad, there is really no percentage in me 
trying to "defend" something I say here, because by
the time someone replies trying to sucker me *into*
defending it, I've changed points of view entirely.
What's to "defend" if your point of view changes
every few hours?  :-)

I *will* admit to having a weakness for pushing the
buttons of a few people, but that's now down to very
few (three, to be exact). Every so often I slip into
old habits and say something provocative to them, because
they really *can't* let it go past; they are compelled
to jump into the fray and act like cultists. 

So I will freely admit to occasionally posting things 
*so that* they'll demonstrate once again their cult
tendencies. It's a weakness, and I'm trying to get past 
it, but occaionally I backslide. 

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