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> In a message dated 7/14/06 2:54:10 A.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> Anyone  else wonder if the current brew-ha-ha in the Middle East has been 
> > in  the planning for months and is going according to schedule? Keep 
> >  those eyes wide open!
> >
> Heard an analyst on Fox News suggest this  quite clearly. As far as he's 
> concerned, Hezbollah 
> is not serving Lebanese  OR Hexbollah's own interests with its current 
> actions. He thinks 
> someone  else is pulling their strings to cause trouble between the Israelis 
> and the  Arab 
> world. His speculation was that Iran is trying to send messages to  people. 
> The defensive 
> remarks by the Syrians certainly suggest that they  don't know what is going 
> on either.
> I just heard on Fox news a few minutes ago that many of the  missiles being 
> launched into Israel are not being launched by Hezbollah but  by  an Iranian 
> republican  guard unit.

Or Israelis posing as Iranians. Very messy, no matter who is doing what.

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