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> > Just meeting an enlightened soul (which is very similar to 
> > one's own self diving deep in TM) causes this process of 
> > normalization/unstressing, and people who experience this may, 
> > their confusion, attribute the fault to the enlightened soul 
> > as some blame TM for their problems). 

> OK. Not exactly on point, but tangents are good. While not
> proceletizing for any method, I have not seen such cause problems 
> darshan around SSRS. Or Sri Kunyamari. Nor heard of such around 
> Are you suggesting weaker people are/ were attracted to be around 
> when being in his presence was open.

No, I'm saying that highly-stressed people began to normalize/ 
unstress around MMY because he is enlightened. The darshan of the 
others you mention does not provoke this unstressing response 
because they do not produce the light which would create the 

> > One of the more confused 
> > unstressors is Prof. Kai Druhl, who says that meeting Maharishi 
> > caused Druhl to experience "demonic oppression," but it's really 
> > just the same phenomenon that highly-stressed people like Druhl 
> > thinks he's a Christian) experienced when they met Jesus (who 
> > accused of being demon-possessed by many ignorant people who 
> > unable to bear His enlightening presence):
> > 
> > http://tinyurl.com/ktr4l
> > 
> > Druhl's account:
> > 
> > http://www.thetruelight.net/personalstories/kaidruhl.htm
> > 
> > 
> > Bob Brigante
> > http://geocities.com/bbrigante
> >
> OK. Now back to the main point of my prior post, which you said was
> laughable, TM is unable to "cure or heal" certain maladies such as
> depression -- and long time meditators have had to revert to ECT.

Depression is anything less than living the fullness of life, which 
is Bliss Consciousness. Mentally ill or highly stressed individuals 
simply need to be patient and stick with 10 minutes of TM, not in 
groups, and they will eventually be able to make faster progress 
towards Bliss. Saying that ECT has any significance is like saying 
that hitting somebody over the head with a hammer makes them forgot 
what they worried about.

> But as I began to notice in 1967, the organization is a bit wacky -
> picture Nat Goldhaber in boxer shorts, at the front reception desk,
> yelling at someone (personal) on the phone, while people were 
> up for initiations. And a 1001 such recollections over the years. 
As a
> a very sweet girl who devotely worked at the center in Asia I was
> teaching in said, "TM is so so wonderful ... (you could see the 
> dripping off of her) ...  but some of these things (policies) and 
> things some teachers do, are so wrong."

The psychological profile of "early adopters" is different from that 
of late adopters, and in the case of a utopian-vision technique like 
TM, naturally the early adopters have been disproportionately 
crackpot. When TM becomes more mainstream, more ordinary and less-
wacky people will be practicing TM and running the movement.

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