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> > I've seen them, except Kunyamari, and Bob Brigante is absolutely 
> > right. I have also seen Tatwala Baba, Mustem Baba, Sripad Baba 
> > quite a few other Yogis, Babas and Gurus; no one even comes 
close to 
> > the light which radiates from Maharishi. I must add though, that 
> > light coming from Shri Chinmoy is also very strong indeed.
> This is actually interesting if you know anything about
> Sri Chinmoy. He is generally regarded in the spiritual
> community as being able to emanate a certain *kind* of
> energy or aura or light, one that is associated with the
> occult. In other words, he is famous for being able to
> flash people out with a "cheap," flashy, low-grade type
> of energy, one that is very noticeable by people with
> unsubtle nervous systems. As opposed to someone who is
> just quietly enlightened, and would not be noticeable
> at all.
> It's an interesting distinction in the types of energy
> that one "feels" around spiritual teachers, one that 
> has been discussed on many forums that deal with multiple
> teachers. It doesn't surprise me in the least that what
> nabius felt from Maharishi is similar to what he felt
> around Sri Chinmoy. I've never seen Sri Chinmoy, but I
> have read dozens of these discussions about the type
> of energy he radiates, and it is consistent with any-
> thing I ever felt around Maharishi. That is, occasionally
> some cheap flash, but never any energy that I personally
> would associate with enlightenment.
> Your mileage may vary...>>

Since you like stories, and believe anything (except 
with 'Maharishi' in the sentence), there was a person who could see 
people's auras, and went to see Maharishi speak at the Albert Hall 
in London, way back when. 

The person could not see Maharishi's aura, and thought that this was 
very strange. She went outside later, (while Maharishi was still in 
there) and realised that his aura was bigger than the Albert hall 
and was emenating brightly as the aura around the whole big 


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