"Or perhaps you're chiding me for being so rude as
to call your integrity into question."

Yes that is it.  You have made this move once too often with too many
people Judy.  It is so unnecessary.  I have done the best I can
answering your points.  I have said my piece. I remember when you were
so offended that numerous posters called you out on this very tactic.
 You went completely ballistic and didn't take any of the good advise
offered to you about how to conduct a civil discussion.  You fought
off everyone trying to help you.  Some posts, like Rick's were so
eloquent and kind to you trying to get you to see this point.

You are painting yourself into a corner Judy.  Rather than treat me
unkindly you should appreciate that I take the time to answer your
detailed points and not turn it into a personal bashing session. We
are discussing these points on your home team Judy.  More people on
this group probably agree with your optimism concerning flying and
some say they have had experiences of it.  This is your most
sympathetic forum to discuss this topic.  Of the people who disagree
with me, most ignore me and some find areas where we do agree or can
hold a simple exchange of ideas without getting all bent out of shape.
 How many times does a poster have to remind you that personal attacks
are not necessary to make your point?  You should have learned not to
throw sand while playing in the sandbox in kindergarten Judy.

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