But lest we forget, The Beatles had already proven themselves 
extremely good and powerful allies to MMY. Remember how in 
September/October 1967 George Harrison & John Lennon tried their 
damnedest to defend MMY and his teachings & whilst doing so proved 
they had a very full grasp on their subject? (The audio files of 
these shows make very instructive listening.) 

But whatever stresses John Lennon suffered at the time, (marital 
friction, Yoko Ono writing him odd letters, peer pressure to 'turn 
on', entourage pressure to get back home, misunderstandings and 
disputes about the making of the movie,,,,,  Robert Stigwood 
interested in managing The Beatles!.... whatever!! ..), John was 
still the undisputed leader of the world's most successful pop group 
ever, and if he had wanted to stay with MMY, he most certainly would 
have done so! 

Having spent several weeks with MMY in India John finally got the 
idea to challenge MMY on his own turf - i.e. in the area of 
consciousness, and it appears that MMY was found lacking, not as 
cosmically conscious as John Lennon had been led to believe. 
(I really applaud John for his balls to stand up to MMY).
It is all too obvious that John wanted spiritual gifts such as he had 
found discussed in 'Autobiography of a Yogi', but it became all too 
apparent that MMY was in no position to grant such boons, so John 
quit ..... & later was shot by Chapman who had convinced himself that 
his idol did not exemplify higher awareness. Ironic or what?

Oh, enough already, enough of the R G bhajee.....

--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> In a message dated 7/20/06 12:58:40 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> Your  question was whether John Lennon might have been right, after 
> all, when he  suggested that he had been made a fool of.
> It is a good question and on  reflection and seeing how the topic 
> now about whether or not the  bungalow was grand (by local 
> it most certainly was) or whether  there was a helipad (there was a 
> landing spot closeby 'Mararshi'  kutir').
> Really Lennon was 'unstressing'Really Lennon 
was 'unstressing'<WBR>, as 
> looking for targets for his rage against Maharishi Mahesh Yogi,  
> he felt had overstretched himself in teaching about a state of 
> consciousness, yet apparently not even understand why John Lennon  
> wanted out.
> Personally, I had to question what John was saying based upon  the 
> about the CIA guy, who I think he was referring to Charlie as and  
the cost or 
> opulence of M's house which he grossly exaggerated. I just 
wondered  how much 
> else was just "unstressing" or bitterness about feeling duped and 
an  attempt 
> at getting even. I had heard the rumor that because the Beatles 
manager  had 
> just died a few months earlier and somebody else was trying to take 
his  place 
> that this new manager, wanted them back in London cutting records  
and   making 
> money instead of taking a long vacation. Supposedly he  was 
responsible for 
> some of the rumors that were circulating designed to  disillusions 
the Beatles 
> and get them to leave. I have no idea if that was  true , but it 
> makes since.

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