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to see  the master

walking on the petals who lived in a million dollar  stecketo


overlookin' the Himalayas."

Is this an accurate  description of MMY's house in Rishikesh?

Maybe 5 to 10 thousand dollar house over looking the Ganges.   



concrete, maybe 16,000 square feet  at best, plain and simple

labor and materials

were, and still are, dirt cheap in India. In today's  market one

could buy a

house like that in India for about  20k.

16,000 square feet is a VERY  large house...

Yeah, so, I'm not sure, I get what you're saying?

Is it like: "What's love got to do with it?"

or something like 'what's a big house on the Ganges, got to do  



Still not sure what having a big house has to do with anything?

What's up with the house?

I think the idea expressed in Lennon's song was, 'wow this guy is

really attached to money, houses and "things".'--how "holy" can he


Not very.

And just how attached was Lennon to thse things?

Lennon didn't claim to be a renunciate, a rishi or a yogi.

It's really interesting because in yogic-speak there are two words

which are used to describe two diametrically opposed modes of being:

the yogi and the bhogi. The bhogi, the enjoyer of the senses and the

material is also involved in the world and things and "business":

wealth. So without really knowing this, Lennon just intuited that he

was really "Maharishi" Mahesh Bhogi. The Bhogi Man.


2 mfn. (for 1. see col. 2) enjoying , eating Ma1rkP. Prasan3g. ;

having or offering enjoyments , devoted to enjñenjoyments , wealthy ,

opulent MBh. Ya1jn5. Var. &c. ; suffering , experiencing , undergoing

Kap. ; using , possessing MW. ; m. a voluptuary MW. ; a king L. ; the

head man of a village L. ; a barber L. ; = %{vaiyAvRtti-kara} (?)

L. ; a person who accumulates money for a partic. expenditure W. ; N.

of a prince VP. ; (%{inI}) f. a kind of heroine Bhar. ; the concubine

of a king or a wife not regularly consecrated with him L.

And MMY hasn't claimed to be a renunciate in many decades. He's  

explicitly called himself

a householder, as I already pointed out. And he never took sanyasin  

vows. Even so, show

me his personal wealth, or his deep pockets or his dozens of Rolls  

Royces, etc.

The point is, there's a yogi and there's a bhogi. Lennon pegged  

Mahesh right on. MMB.

There are plenty of alternate definitions up there. I agree that this one could fit: "a person 

who accumulates money for a partic. expenditure."

I would say "enjoying...having enjoyments, wealthy, opulent, using, possessing" also are spot on.

"Mahesh has been interested in power, in the accumulation of 
money, and in women.  Why does he live in a big house, own helicopters, 
airplanes, etc?  Why does he spend most of his time involved in business 
planning about making money?  It is because he is a businessman who has the 
desires that other wealthy businessmen have.  His spiritual front is his scam 
and the way he gets people to give him their time and money."

-Earl Kaplan, former close MMB associate and donor.


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