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> > > "At thirty bucks a day the guru's billions could fund a 
> > > wave of "yogic flyers" to cover the earth, but something tells 
> > > me that if Maharishi had to personally pay for his peace plan 
> > > the guru's spiritual air force would be grounded."
> > 
> > Oh yeah, there's a cogent comment. Does he think they'll be 
> > eating and sleeping at the local county jail?
> No, per the present plan, they'll be eating for 30
> bucks a day and sleeping on someone's sofa. All 
> while giving up their paychecks from work for two
> months. :-)

This will appeal to some, and they will get tremendous benefit from 
> But here's a riddle for you. I remember in the past
> that you've been a big proponent of the "the TMO
> can't spend its capital because it needs it for the
> future." So explain this to me -- Maharishi's doing
> the Big Fear Trip again, implying that if people 
> don't flock to this course, at their expense (albeit
> less expensive than some courses in the past), Dire 
> Things are going to happen to the world. Did I get 
> that right?

> Ok, so here's the quandary: if the times are so 
> tough that there may not *BE* a future, what is
> the purpose of all those billions the TMO has
> stashed away?

The TMO has always struck me as being poor.
> Seems to me that if *HE* believed the stuff he's
> saying, he'd have made some of that money available
> to make the room and board of this course free, 

He can't. Its impossible.

> in fact offer to make up for at least a portion of
> the participants' salary. Do the math -- if we're
> talking a total of 3000 siddhas, at a cost of $30
> a day for food, add in another $70 a day for housing,
> and compensate each of them who has to leave a job
> (say 60%, because many may be married and unworking
> or retired or well-to-do), say, %3000 a month for 
> lost salary, that comes to a grand total of 
> $1,380,000.
> One could make the case for that being a drop in the
> bucket compared to the billions that the TMO is
> reputed to have as assets. One could also make the
> case that this "drop in the bucket" might be worth
> spending if the situation is as dire as he implies,
> and the very future of the planet is at stake.

The situation IS dire...for seekers.
> Or one could make the people who have been paying
> for such "emergency" courses for decades do so again.
> Oh, what's a person who really cares about world
> peace to do?
Meditate and gain Self-Realization.

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