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> > > Jim, I love you dearly, but really, dude, you 
> > > make a lot of assumptions about and excuses for 
> > > a man you've never met.  :-)
> > >
> > Hi, the only assumption I make is that TM is a valid method of 
> > spiritual instruction, meaning that if practiced as instructed, 
> > the practitioner will gain Self-Realization quickly.
> I would agree with what you say, except for the last
> word. I would substitute, 'eventually.' Then again,
> in the Buddhist view, *everyone* will gain Self-
> Realization eventually, whether they meditate or not. :-)

I share the Buddhist view, that's why I said 'quickly'.
> > Other than that, with reference to what I said above with 
regards to 
> > payment, I was speaking about all such methods of valid 
> > instruction, TM or non-TM.
> You need to get out more. There are a great number
> of organizations that teach for free, or with their
> own teachers or members paying for the instruction
> of others. You've confused what you've been told
> about "all spiritual traditions" by Maharishi with
> reality.
I haven't been told anything that I recall by Maharishi about this. 
I don't keep any of his stuff in my head, though I do read the Gita 
and listen to an audio tape occasionally. Come to think of it, there 
is almost nothing I keep in my head...

Regarding payment, there is a natural 'give and take' that is 
strongly emphasized in any valid spiritual dynamic between a teacher 
and seekers. Although it is sometimes expressed as a money thing, it 
is really an energy thing.  

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