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> > I saw "Lady in the Water" which is M. Night Shyamalan's  
> > latest film yesterday afternoon.
> Thanks for the update. I'll see it when it gets here.
> I like his films. They require a greater suspension
> of disbelief than some, but if you can move yourself
> into that innocent space where you can watch the
> film with no preconceptions and no comparisons to
> other films, they are often a remarkable ride. I 
> even liked The Village.

Uh oh. 

I'll probably see it anyway, but it inspired
Roger Ebert to write one of his rare scathing
reviews. Here's a taste:

I See Wet People

The key to deciphering M. Night Shyamalan's fractured 
fairy tale, "The Lady in the Water," is to remember 
that it is rooted in the ancient mythology of Stephen 
Colbert and "The Colbert Report." It is a warning to 
Mankind about the dire threat posed by ferocious 
topiary bears in America today, and a salute to the
gigantic, soaring eagle who swoops in to rescue Wet 
Ladies from pitiless ursine jaws and claws. Colbert 
oughtta sue.

As a bonus, there's a naked water nymph and some 
angry tree monkeys with mohawks... You think I'm 
making this up? No, but I wonder why Shyamalan felt 
he needed to, given the half-hearted way he's presented 
his sodden fairy tale in this movie.

Maybe the children's book is better at stimulating 
the imagination. Shyamalan says "The Lady in the Water" 
grew out of a bedtime story he made up and continued 
improvising and embellishing for his daughters, and 
that's precisely the way it feels: improvised and 
protracted, nonsensically and unnecessarily, just 
for the sake of stringing us along. And, maybe, 
putting us to sleep.

But then, who am I to knock the work of the man who, 
in his own film, casts himself as a writer whose ideas 
will inspire a future leader who will save the world 
-- an artist whose work will not be fully understood 
in his own time, but only many years later, and who 
is willing to sacrifice his own life for the sake of 
all Mankind? For he so loved the world that he gave 
his only narf...

Sounds as if this one is going to take a lot
more suspension of disbelief than the others...  :-)

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