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> > The Greek form Palaistinêi from which English "Palestine" is 
> > ultimately derived, was first used in the 5th century BCE by 
> > Herodotus who wrote of the "district of Syria, called 
> Palaistinêi". 
> > The boundaries of the area he referred to were not explicitly 
> > stated, but Josephus used the name only for Philistia. Ptolemy 
> also 
> > used the term. In Latin, Pliny wrote of a region of Syria that 
> > was "formerly called Palaestina" when describing the eastern 
> > of the Mediterranean.
> > 
> > Roman times
> > As a result of the First Jewish-Roman War (66–73), Titus sacked 
> > Jerusalem and destroyed the Second Temple, leaving only the 
> Western 
> > Wall. In 135, following the fall of a Jewish revolt led by Bar 
> > Kokhba in 132–135, the Roman emperor Hadrian expelled most Jews 
> from 
> > Judea, leaving large Jewish populations in Samaria and the 
> Galilee. 
> > He also changed the name of the Roman province of Judea (Israel) 
> to 
> > Syria Palaestina named after the Philistines as an insult to the 
> now 
> > conquered Jews. In what was considered a form of psychological 
> > warfare, the Romans also tried to change the name of Jerusalem 
> > Aelia Capitolina, but that had less staying power. Over time the 
> > name Syria Palaestina was shortened to Palaestina, which by then 
> had 
> > become an administrative political unit within the Roman Empire.
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestine#History
> > 
> > OffWorld
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> There are people who deny that Nazi Germany killed millions of 
Jews -
> - the claim that there never was a Palestine is on a moral and 
> intellectual par, by people who think that this big lie makes the 
> Zionist land grab an OK thing. 
> The victors of WWII forced Israel on the Arab world at a time when 
> those countries were weak, poor, and disorganized -- sooner or 
> the Arab peoples will be organized enough to reassert control over 
> Palestine, no matter how much blood and money the U.S. and Israel 
> are willing to spend. 
> Zionism is really just trying to put the toothpaste back in the 
> tube, and it ain't gonna work. Europeans took over North America 
> primarily because disease killed 90% of the indigenous population, 
> but Israel's 5 million Jews are vastly outnumbered  and that math 
> never going to change in Israel's favor. It's entirely 
> understandable that the Jews of Europe would seek a place where 
> could live without pogroms, but Israel is not that place and never 
> will be. If humans were capable of reason (and of course they are 
> not, the situation is hopeless until human consciousness is more 
> expanded), then another homeland for the Jews would be found, 
> instead of a place that will be a super-pogrom for them and their  
> neighbors.

Bob that's only in your twisted mind.

The land of Israel was always the Jew's land. It's true that Jews 
were driven away from the land to
whatever extent, and yes it's also true that others occupied it but 
there always were Jews their. 
Zionism is a return of rest of the Jews to their birth right land.

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