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> > > Deja Vu: USS Liberty, June 8, 1967
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> > > http://www.usni.org/proceedings/Articles03/PROwalsh06.htm
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> > 
> > as opposed to US, Russia, France , UK etc who never killed others
> > via a friendly and always going via the 'book' and everything is 
> > rosy, including Iraq. right?
> > not to mention the 'righteous' Muslims, beheading and terror, 
> after 
> > all Islam is the religion of peace... 
> > is there a need to go on ?
> >
> *********************
> Nobody reasonable is making the claim that Israel alone is demonic 
> and stupid -- in fact, all humans have that capacity and regularly 
> demonstrate it, but it is a fact that Israel is compelled to live 
> the worst of human nature full-time

so are you saying that Israel is demonic but not just them
,right. Let see who else is demonic according to Bob.. hmm.. USA for 
going to war on Iraq, Muslims as well, we see how they terrorize the 
world, UK as well for cooperating with USA, fundamentalists 
Christians and so on, did I miss some bob? I'm sure I did.

Who is not demonic, all the TMers that wants world peace, but wait 
not all of them since some of them don't think like Bob, in short
all the people that think like Bob are not demonic.

and Bob is actually willing to kill all the others, that way it
won't disturb his 'heaven on earth' paradigm.

> and without respite because of 
> the circumstances that the lunatic Zionist movement has put the 
> country in. It was foolish to try to put the toothpaste back in > 
the tube by forcing a Jewish state on the region.

The most natural thing is for the Jews to go back to 
their homeland. But since the Arabs wants it all for themselves,
they have to have the every last bit of it, the last % that belongs 
to the Jews.

> The Jews should leave Palestine, and find a home where they do not 
> have to live like 

Is it really necessary to remind you what happen to the Jews
where you now want them to go back to ?

anyway, I think the Jews are working to make Mars be livable, it's a 
work in progress.
On the other hand if the Jews managed after 2000 years to go back to
their homeland Israel, maybe the nations should just let them be.

> brutes. The Arabs are never going to accept the Jewish state

well, that's too bad for the Arabs. Bend over Bob the Arabs are 
coming after you as well. You'll have to delay your 'heaven on 
plans for a while.

> which 
> was forced upon by them the West, and if it was not for the 
> unconditional military and financial support of the U.S., Israel 
> would have been long gone already.

True. So why U.S. is insisting to help Israel ?
Acording to your vision, USA can stop, we will have holocaust #2, 
all Arabs will be happy. Once we satisfied the Muslim's hunger for 
jewish blood, the beast will not put any more obstacles and 'heaven 
on earth' will surly dawn. 
(that is according to your twisted mind and wishfull thinking)

well, what can i say, maybe you, after that can look at the mirror 
and be happy about what you see.  As for myself I'll pass and gladly 


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