Bingo. I would really be interested in seeing, though, how many would come to a course they charged for. And if there was still some discrepancy in the numbers, although it would probably be moot either way since probably so few would be there.


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If they would've charged, there would've been next to no one
On Aug 3, 2006, at 12:32 PM, feste37 wrote:

The reason for this discrepancy between the number registered
and the
number attending is that the course is free. People who have no
interest in going to the dome are getting their badges updated
because they
think that perhaps, maybe, they might want to put in an
at some
time in the future. But mostly they don't go. The movement is
always criticized
for being too much concerned with money, but now they are
something of value for nothing, it becomes clear that unless
something, people don't value what you offer.

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