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> > >> He used to, then he broke with M.
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> > >> Somewhere in between we realized (or already saw) where M. was
> > >> stealing the info. from: his pundits.
> > >>
> > >> The glassy eyed students assumed M. was "cognizing" it (LOL)!
> > >>
> > >> BTW, this answers your previous question about SSRS (albeit his
> > >> pranayama technique, which is not only his own, but also deeply
> > >> backed by shruti and smrti). M. dissed this pranayama method,
> > >> which has since surpassed TM!
> > >>
> > >> Go figure.
> > >
> > > There are more Christians in the world than Buddhists. What  
> > > conclusions should we draw from this?
> > 
> > People prefer a guy dying on a torture device to enlightenment?
> And people prefer hyperventilating to transcending?

Yes, I was wondering the same thing;
Like the 'Re-birthing technique of the seventies and eighties;
And Lenard Orr, said he got the technique from Babaji;
And it gave people this really intense experience-
The hands would get numb, the brain would get super oxigated;
And you might even experience something that would be framed as:
'Going back to your birth- to heal the birthing experience'
So, lot's of pranayama techniques have been marketing before.
Shri Shri Ravi Shankar isn't the first, to sell a technique;
And if he got it from the Shrutis and the Smirtis-
Is this technique spelled out there?
Exactly how does it back up Ravi's technique?
And where did Ravi, pick up this name-
Is he trying to associate himself with the Beatles;
And George Harrison, who studied with Ravi Shankar?
And the really important question of them all.
Has anyone become enlightened, under the guidance;
Of Shr Shr Ravi Shankar?

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