Title: Re: [FairfieldLife] Victory Beef or War?
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Pretty cool. Very professionally put together. I wonder who did it? Now if only they could get rid of all the insane stuff which scares people away once they scratch beneath the surface, this could take off. The problem as I see it is that those running the movement have no choice but to adhere to the following logic:

  1. Maharishi is enlightened.
  2. Therefore, everything he thinks and says expresses the truth, even though I and the world at large may not understand it.
  3. Therefore, I should stay in tune with his thinking (as I am told to do).
  4. Therefore, on the one hand, I’ll present the scientifically proven benefits of TM and hope that the people I’m presenting them to don’t find out about Rajas, Majesties, World’s Tallest Buildings, Damn Democracy, Praise Robert Mugabe, destroy and rebuild the world’s cities, etc., until they are as “sold out” as I am.

Hopefully, after Maharishi dies, people will be able to break away from this “logic” and make the TMO as sensible on every level as it appears in movies like this. Don’t hold your breath.

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