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> > This reminds me. The great Jim / Vaj truth issue was never addressed.
> > 
> OK, I admit it. Vaj is me and I am him. The parts of me who are Jim 
> are enlightened, living permanent Self-Realization. The parts of me 
> that are Vaj are not experiencing permanent Self-Realization yet. The 
> parts of me that are you are not experiencing permanent Self-
> Realization yet. 

Its such an odd "Enlightenment YOU have. So Roryesque. 

What is relected onto me, my social self, is IT Knows ITself. The
individuality doesn't experience it. Yet the magic is the
individuality does somehow get some reflection of it -- enough to
write about it and discuss it. 

IT IS. Eternal ISness has nothing to do with "i am him and he is me
and this part of me is not enlightened, but this part is."  Sorry,
"thats all quite goofy" in my world.

But that is what makes the world sing. Variety!  

"I"s having something they interpret as an enlightenment experience.
They have parts: some of which are enlightened. And some parts of
their individuality are not enlightened. 


THAT IS. Period. Which the "individual" is not. The individual never
became enlightened -- the individual is hollow and empty. THAT
WHOLENESS doesn't have parts that are enlighened or not enlightened.

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