Like many aspects of the TM movement beliefs, the 1% claims are
carefully worded so they are un-falsifiable.  This is a common trick
with groups making absurd claims.  Because they are choosing what to
pay attention to in huge amounts of sociological data, they can make
it seem like either "something good is happening" or "something is
purifying in the environment".  On a smaller scale this is played out
with the claim that TM makes you feel better in every way, unless it
doesn't, which is termed unstressing.  They are only fooling
themselves with this transparent tactic.

Fairfield people are nice, ordinary folks with all the same social
problems common to their age demographic.  Nothing special after
decades of devotion to this practice.  The same mix of idiots and
geniuses you find everywhere else.  They aren't better in any way, but
I don't think they are worse either.  Just an odd belief system in a
group of mostly optimistic people.  I think you would have to look
long and hard to find another one as whacked as your ex seemed to be. 

--- In, "Bill (William)Simmons"
> --- In, Robert Gimbel <babajii_99@> 
> wrote:
> >
> > Maharishi Maheshi Yogi's life work;
> >   Has culminated in this theory,
> >   It's called 'The Maharishi Effect'.
> >   It says;
> >   That TM meditators, have an effect;
> >   When in transendental deep meditation-
> >    That effects the rest of the population;
> >   (Yes, I know this sounds absurd)
> Robert, interesting theories and given that these theories are the 
> culmination of MMY's life work.  Is it safe to say Fairfield itself 
> being the home of the TM movement, the univeristy and so many Tm 
> meditators is a community in a state of bliss. Does Fairfield enjoy a 
> 0% crime rate. 0 % domestic disputes and a 0% incidence of the 
> various other types of social problems that plague other communities 
> with a fraction of the population of meditators.
> Yes Robert to use your own words this does sound absurd.
> If MMY can bring peace to a community with (I think I saw a claim of 
> 1% of the population meditating). Then given Fairfields pop. of a 
> mere 10,000 people there must be zero reportable incidences in your 
> community with such a large population of TM meditators,,,how could 
> it possibly be anything but,,,it is afterall a culmination of MMY's 
> life work. 
> Does Fairfield have a zero percent crime rate,,,oh hell lets just say 
> a zero percent VIOLENT crime rate???

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