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> on 8/14/06 12:21 PM, gerbal88 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > 
> > Hi, Curtis -- I doubt Mahesh cares what he is doing. He wanted massive
> > numbers initiated because he got half the take. Which was the point of
> > creating massive numbers of initiators in from 71-73. He doesn't need
> > the money any more. The ME crap is just his joke on all those who are
> > witless enough to take him seriously. He's famously known for making
> > fun of the people who worship him.
> > 
> You may be right. Jennifer mentioned that while she was his girl, he often
> used to deride the Westerners as gullible fools for believing all the things
> he was telling them.

Yes, it's obvious that he has played a cruel joke on the world and his 
followers for the last 
50 years...

Assuming that she was in the position to actually hear him say what she claims, 
entirely possible she misinterpreted the context. I recall hearing the story of 
walking in on him one day with him screaming and shaking his fist at the 
ceiling: "Why, 
why, WHY do you send me such idiots???!!!"

Perhaps what he really meant was: they never think for themselves, no matter 
what stupid 
thing they think I said.

That seems a more congruent interpretation than yours, especially given that he 
was known to accept busywork from his guru without complaint...

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