This looks really excellent, thanks for the tip.  I am finding quite a
bit of stuff on the web from the book. It is facinating stuff.

I can't find my article on the Web but it was: "The Narcissistic Guru:
A Profile of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh." Free Inquiry (Spring, 1988)  I
have a copy somewhere but it would be nice if it was online.

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> >
> > Hi G,
> > 
> > I think you are on to something with his contempt for his own
> > followers.  Have you seen the comparison of the narcissistic
> > personality disorder and Indian Gurus, mostly focused on Rajaneesh? 
> > It was in Free Inquiry in the late 80's.  The author  applied the  DSM
> > III standards to a few gurus and it really explained a lot for me. 
> > How they operate so far outside the normal constraints of reciprocal
> > society and can exploit people because they have contempt for them.
> Those interested in this topic could check out the book, Prophetic
> Charisma:  The Psychology of Revolutionary Religious Personalies by
> Len Oakes.  Started out as a PhD thesis and expanded into a book. 
> Oakes also finds narcissism as the common personality trait in a group
> of charismatic spiritual leaders that he studied, and has some
> interesting insights into how spiritual sects tend to evolve based on
> this insight into the leader's personality.

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