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> In a message dated 8/20/06 7:07:36 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> MD, you  recount these extreme measures by past presidents 
> as if they were all  justified. I'm not ready to assume they 
> were. For example, I've  encountered many citations of 
> Lincoln suspending writs of habeas corpus,  but not one 
> citation has ever said, "And history proves he was 
> correct  to do so." Same with FDR's internment of 
> Japanese Americans.
> If  history teaches me anything from the above 
> examples, it's that presidents  take reprehensible 
> actions under stress.
> And you know what? What Bush is doing is far less invasive than anything  any 
> of these other presidents did and having far greater success in  
> accomplishing the goals. If you read the poll from the Washington Post you 
> will  notice 
> that even 65% thought it was necessary even if it violated privacy. Only  
> about 
> 30% or less opposed it. These are the hard core Bush haters  that  don't 
> trust 
> him on any account and are just looking for something to  complain about. If 
> Bush had a judge  reviewing every wire tap as they came  in, on the spot 
> those 
> same people would be complaining and demanding to know if  it was a Bush 
> appointee or a good liberal judge that will play politics with the  program 
> and be 
> a thorn in the side.

Well, yeah, but at least he would be obeying the law....

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