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> > jstein@ writes:
> > 
> > >NOBODY (except maybe  Bhairitu) objects to
> > > >wiretapping with judicial oversight.  We've
> > > >been doing that forever.
> > > >
> > >  Where did I say that?
> > 
> > Don't know that you did; I just thought  if anybody
> > would object, it would be you.
> > 
> > If you  don't, good for you, I'm glad to hear it.
> > Just strengthens my  point.
> > 
> > Judy , did you bare false witness against  Bhairitu?
> MDixon, look up to what you quoted from my post.
> Look at  the second word inside the parentheses.
> See it? It's "maybe."
> If  you don't know what it means, look it up in Mr.
> Dictionary.
> Now that  is a lie. Of 
> > course I know you were only joking  though.
> Oh yeah, I definitely noticed they MAYBE in parenthesis. Never the
> less there  was implication of a specific person.

An implication of a specific person?  I said
"Bhairitu" right out.

> Otherwise, why not say  "Almost Nobody"?

I could have said that, and I believe I have in
other posts.  But I started the sentence with
"Nobody," and then I thought, Well, I don't know
about Bhairitu; I don't want to attribute views
to him that he does not hold.  So I stuck in
"maybe Bhairitu" as a qualifier, figuring he'd
speak up either way.  And he did.

I had no intention of slandering him.  He and I
are on the same side of most issues, except that
I'm generally more pragmatic and less idealistic
than he is.  It was out of respect for his generally
more extreme views that I even mentioned him as
possibly opposing wiretapping.  I really didn't
know what he thought, which is why I said "maybe."

> It's kind of like what you would accuse republicans of  doing,
> implying something in a way that you can deny later.

Exactly what did I deny?  I completely accepted
what he said in response and said I was glad to
hear it.

> Maybe that's  why you think 
> republicans are liars. Could you be imagining them thinking
> like  you?

Nope.  You're going to have to look a whole lot
harder if you hope to find anything you can portray
as my thinking like Republicans.

(I should qualify that, too.  There are *some*
honest Republicans, just not the ones that dominate
our public discourse these days.)

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