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> >>> >> My prediction is that anyone who gets on the "enlightened" list will
> >>> >> be banned from future courses.  MMY's organization is not built for
> >>> >> people who claim to have reached the goal. The "only one beard in the
> >>> >> room" rule still applies.  Am I wrong?
> >>> >> 
> >> > 
> >> > That's why Fred Travis has been able to publish physiological studies on
> >> > people who reported
> >> > witnessing 24/7 for years on end: they're afraid to step forward...
> > 
> Fred was very condescending and dismissive of an Awake friend of mine whose
> brain waves didn¹t happen to match Fred¹s expectations.

Heh. So personal *experience* trumps physical measure?

Perhaps. OTOH, perhaps your friend, no matter how "Awake" he/she seems to YOU, 
awake in the way that MMY talks about.

People can have a form of witnessing due to servere emotional trauma as kids. 
They show 
a certain imbalance in activity in the brain between the two hemispheres--one 
is dominant while the other is dysfunctional. People who practice some forms of 
meditation show a different hemispheric imbalance--one hemisphere is dominant 
the other functions normally. Some of THEM report witnessing also. Is this 
witnessing the 
same as TM-based witnessing, or is it something different, masquerading as 

Or is it the non-expectation TM that is inducing something that masquerades as 
enlightenment, while the people who show hemispheric imbalance like the 
kids, and the practitioners of other meditation techniques, who are the real 

BTW, if your friend is truely "Awake," how did you hear about Fred's response, 
or were you 
in the room when the EEG was evaluated?

Did your enlightened friend complain to you about Fred's condenscending 

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