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> > No TMO/MMY enlightenment afer MMY passes then? Tougher for both
> > parties to get to the mic then. 
> > 
> > JohnY
> The thing about being enlightened is: as Maharishi has said: that: 
> one has access to all knowledge.
> Therefore, it would follow from this, then:
> If one is enlightened, then one has direct access to the transcendent.
> When one has direct access to the transcendent, then it would follow, 
> that one has access to 'other levels of reality' , which would 
> support experiences and knowledge, that to one who was not 
> enlightened;
> Would have little or no meaning.
> My point here being; that when you are in touch more with your own 
> infinite soul;
> You have access to these different levels;
> And if it became necessary to communicate with Maharishi;
> Whether he is still on this physical earth plane or not.
> Doesn't really [matter], no pun intended...

I generally find communication with the dead to be somwhat less
reliable than communication with the living, although in the case of
some relatives, I'm not sure... :-) 


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