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Sounds like Fairfield is one big disintegrating mess.

Yes it does by any numbers you want to look at.  Numbers in and 
numbers out.  Numbers rejected.  Enrollments at MSAE. Faculty and 
staff let go either at MSAE or MUM & the general diaspora of the old 
TM community in the last several years.  The money raised and not 

Stunning inertia that no tru-believers really step up to talking 
about resolution of how it is going here.  A few hundreds of earnest 
people left in the middle just go along enabling and condone it by 
doing it.  Some got fervor may be, but not much by way of being able 
to reconcile how it is going.

A lot of people dove for the floor boards when ShivaMa's letters 
came out at the beginning of August.  There are hundreds of people 
lying by omission to be in the dome.  All kinds of circumstances.  
ShivaMa had all kinds of threatening going on when she made her 
letters public.  The letters kind of said it as it is here.  A lot 
of fist-shaking in her face.  Terse conversation and then some nut 
threatened to kill her for doing it. A lot of people have a lot at 
stake in their lives to be able to go to the domes by the 
guidelines, whatever the guidelines are.  Right now the guidelines 
are morally the problem here that keeps it from happening for the 
TMorg.  The TMorg is helpless in its processes of theocracy. 

So yes, Sounds like Fairfield is one big disintegrating mess.

-Doug in FF


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> >
> > "nablus108" writes: "it's sad really, that the situation for the 
> USA 
> > now is so grave that
> > the TMO seems to loosen up on the gudelines. "
> > 
> > Doug writing:
> > Yes that is the point and it is about the guidelines here & the 
> > nature of the meditating community here.  It is about 
> If 
> > they (the TMorg) really enforced the guidelines hundreds of 
> > would not qualify to be part of the ME hereĀ…  The rank and file 
> > all the echelon of the movement are involved.  Do people lie to 
> > in to the domes?. Probalbly most if it was really pressed.  
> > is not extraordinary really.  There are simply many hundreds of 
> > people just like her.  There are hundreds of people like her in 
> > domes now.  The guidelines are just out of line and on the 
> > the administration is doing the best it can in a theocracy where 
> the 
> > current project is to try for the ME.  An irony is that Jeanne 
> > actually the tru-beiliever by her experience if anyone is.
> > 
> > With Kind Regards, 
> > -Doug in FF
> Sounds like Fairfield is one big disintegrating mess.

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