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> > I also got it that way. There is certainly an advanced technique were
> > you have to have your attention at a certain area. If it's the exact
> > location of the (heart)-chakra is another question. I was pointed to
> > an anatomical spot, that is not normally considered to be the heart
> > center, but its close enough.Kunyaka
> "Just be innocent with it. Take it as it comes." I have found these
> useful guides in life as well as meditation. 
> And with TM and other spiritual practices comes "innocence" -- which
> is to me, a looking at every new situation and occurence without
> preconceptions, without the boundaries of past mental structures,
> models, preferences and inclination. Just see what is. 
> Later, as appropriate, one can apply all past learning, models,
> insights etc. to evaluate the new "perception". But in the first
> moment or each new "instance" -- just be innocent, take it as it comes. 
> I mention this, because of Trinity's statement, "I was pointed to
> > an anatomical spot, that is not normally considered to be the heart
> > center, but its close enough." 
> I may have had similiar inpterpretations as Trinity at one point, and
> thus I am as much an example of "loss of innonence" as this current
> example.
> While I like Trinity and his posts, -- and we appear to have similar
> views and experience on some key things (like the non-ownership of
> action, the self-sufficent domains of mind, memory and intellect) --
> the above statement appears to me as symptomatic of something "odd" --
> though quite pervasive amongst posters -- and most people I know, and
> commentators i read or hear.  It is pervassive in modern life.
> (And I am probably misunderstanding Trinity's point and his statement
> above may not even apply.) However, the statements "apparent" meaning
> is a great example of what I am referring to -- and is such a huge key
> to things, IMO.

Hi new morning,

You may have misunderstood me here. I also, like many here think this
is a great post of yours. I did not mean to say, that the point is the
heart chakra. My post was also with reference to another post of
Lawson, who had said that there is no technique at all, were on would
have one's attention at a physical location. My post was only meant to
confirm that there is, or actually was.

I got this technique about a year before I left Purusha from
Nandkishore. He showed me the exact location, and denied it was the
heart, it actually isn't. To be honest with you, I never practised
this technique, it just didn't fit. I just had had major openings in a
completely different area, at the top of my head, or rather above. I
would have had to force myself to do it the way Nandk. indicated. I
asked him about that, that my awareness would be automatically drawn
to a different area, but he insisted, I should do it the prescribed
way. This was no option for me, and I simply dismissed it. Now I hear
that the technique is not taught in this way anymore, for whatever reason.

For me, it continues that the shakti moves within my system, and my
awareness is automatically directed in this way. This does involve
what I would call chakras, mostly the anahata, the sahasrada and the
anja. The sahasrada is dominant, the heart comes second, and the anja,
inbetween, almost a connecting link is third.

The explanations which work for me best, is that of Sri Aurobindo. I
am saying that this is so for me, I am not suggesting that others
should copy this, in fact this would be impossible, like it would be
impossible for me, to do it otherwise. It's simply the way it
'happens' for me. So, comparing it to how TM used to be, before these
experiences, I would call it a soft, gradual approach. The
transcending, as I used to experience was a gradual quieting, and then
slipping into something 'larger', a space of pure awareness. Now, it
is more like a switch, more sudden, can occure at different times, and
is accompanied by a very powerful energy. There are actually different
switches. This energy is always with me, in different strength. I am
just pointing this out, that my experience is very different from
before, and that it's going its own way.

<snipped the rest of your brilliant post>

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