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> Let¹s Party!

The stat that really stands out to me is the 1,159 members one.

Certainly, only a fraction are active on the forum at any given time 
(20 maximum maybe?).

And I can only imagine that only a fraction look in on a daily 
basis -- 10%?  20%

But even at that I think that the things we discuss here have had 
and will continue to have an impact on the TMO.  I don't know of any 
other forum that has the type of exchange of ideas and thoughts 
about the TMO and TM and MMY that this one does.  And they are good 
ideas -- many of them anyway -- interspersed amongst much admittedly 
garbage and negativity.  But that's what you get when you have 
freedom of expression.

I still hold on to the belief that the stuff we discuss here gets up 
to the right people and that we can have an impact.

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