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> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <jstein@> wrote:
> >
> > The three of you have claimed that those
> > who have called on ABC to fix the falsehoods
> > in "Path to 9/11" or cancel the broadcast
> > are advocating "censorship."
> > 
> > That is appallingly ignorant, and a 
> > misconception that is actually dangerous
> > to free speech.
> > 
> > Censorship is when some authority--usually
> > a governing body--*requires* an entity to
> > remove material it finds offensive and has
> > the power to enforce its order.
> This self-serving, hypocritical crap is so 
> dangerous as to require a second post.
> Censorship does not require any "authority"
> to impose it. It can just as easily be imposed
> by a group of people with no authority what-
> soever, using either legitimate or illegitimate
> means of exerting pressure on the people or
> publications they want to censor, or the 
> distributors of those publications.
> A classic ploy in many communities regards the
> sale of magazines like Penthouse and Playboy.
> Groups of "concerned citizens" (read "uptight
> Christians with a bug up their ass about nudity
> and sex) send threatening letters to every store
> in town that sells magazines, telling them that
> if they sell Playboy or Penthouse, this group
> will initiate a boycott and keep anyone from
> buying *anything* from the stores that still
> sell these magazines. Voila. No more sales of
> these magazines. This has been done (successfully,
> sadly) in *hundreds* of US small towns.
> Now let's look at what Judy herself proposed for 
> this 911 TV special. She advocated pulling it off 
> the air and then showing it *after* the election 
> on pay TV. This is clearly in *exactly* the same 
> ballpark as the Playboy scam above. It's an attempt 
> to censor *material* that the critics don't like 
> by controlling *access* to that material. And in
> both cases, if the ploy is successful, the material
> itself has been censored (failed to reach an 
> audience), with absolutely no "authority" involved.
> There are MANY ways to censor. Judy is trying
> to present a stilted, dishonest, and hypocritical
> "definition" of what censorship to weasal out
> of the obvious fact that SHE advocated censor-
> ship for political reasons on this forum, only
> a few days ago. In Judy's world, if she can
> rewrite the definition of being a True Believer
> she can pretend that she's not one. Similarly, 
> it seems that she believes if she can rewrite the 
> definition of being a censor, she can pretend she's 
> not one of them, either.
> She is. The facts stand on their own. Only a 
> few days ago, Judy was calling for pressure to
> be put on a national TV network to pull the 
> show that she didn't like off the air and *not*
> allow it to be broadcast before the elections.
> *Then* she wanted it shown only on pay TV 
> channels with a limited and much smaller
> audience. 
> That's censorship, folks. It's *exactly* the
> same ploy as the Playboy scam. You censor not
> by editing the content of the article or show 
> or magazine you object to (although she advocated 
> *that*, too) but by making the article or show
> or magazine UNAVAILABLE. 
> THAT is what she advocated. Check the archives.
> Judy's definitely a censor, and not even honest 
> enough to admit it. So much for her rants about 
> honesty and truthfulness...

What Judy doesn't realize is that, ironically, if her definition of 
censorship is correct and she is NOT a censor, then it makes her 
something much WORSE than a censor: a human rights violator.

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