On Sat, 2003-08-23 at 02:06, C Bobroff wrote:

> Oh, I forgot to mention to Ali earlier that Yahoo messenger (and others?)
> also has the Arabic Yeh problem. Those people maybe should be contacted as
> they may not have representation among the silent lurkers and not know
> there's a problem. Note, don't ask me to do it as I would undoubtedly tell
> them something incorrect and botch things up even further.

If you use Yahoo Messenger and care about Persian Yeh support, do it
yourself. If you don't, somebody who cares will do so eventually. If
nobody does so, it means nobody cares.

We were worrying about a bug with Persian data entry with the Mozilla
distributed in a *future* version of Red Hat Linux. Behnam wrote the bug
report, Behdad wrote the patch to fix the problem, and I lobbied like
hell. The fix got in just yesterday. Why did we do so? Because we use
the certain software frequently. We simply cared.


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