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On Fri, 22 Aug 2003, C Bobroff wrote:

> >  What should we do about this?
> Go stand up on your roof and shout:
> "The fonts have been repaired! It's now ok to use Arabic Letter Farsi Yeh
> U+06CC!!"
> But as far as I know, BBC has never been one of the offenders although I'm
> too lazy at the moment to check that and the other site  mentioned
> earlier.  Anyhow, the default fontsize is usually too small to even see
> those nasty dots not to mention the Yeh itself.
> Why don't you do a survey and check some sites today and then check
> back again in a couple of months.  Chances are, your having started this
> thread (and the one last week) will have served as a wake-up call. Perhaps
> that's all that was needed!
> -Connie
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