On Sat, 22 Nov 2003, Saber S wrote:

> Really Fun!
> It is 2 days I subscribed the 2 lists, but you're just flaming ;)
> Are these just kidding or it is a real war?!

No flame fest recently.  Actually was more flirting than war ;).

> About Israel and Le Monde, what's fun with that article? we

Well, it's in the archives.  Connie happens to contact webmasters
and remind them to fix their Persian YEH and KEHs.  So I was just
asking him to add Le Monde to his list.

> read lots of similar articles in Kayhan, Resalat,etc. and we
> hear a lot about that in Mr.Larijani's TV. There is no need to
> Le Monde, some wrongheaded Hizbullahi guys get excited when
> they read/hear similar ideas with their head from
> European/American authors.

Hehe.  Quite Right.

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