> No flame fest recently.  Actually was more flirting than war ;).
I'm just glad Saber didn't get flamed for not reading the archives.
(You really got lucky, Saber!)
And if you liked  Le Monde, just wait till Behd^H^H^H Joe presents the
next featured website: it's on the Michael Jackson child molestation case
and the Persian text can not actually be viewed on any known OS or browser
(however the picures are excellent.) Coming soon!

> Well, it's in the archives.  Connie happens to contact webmasters
> and remind them to fix their Persian YEH and KEHs.
Not contact.  I'm still at the fact-finding stage and I'm not liking the
facts too much.
I can really see why there's no incentive to give up the stone-age tools.
BTW, concerning the  Linux option, how does that compare in size /
resource hogging with Windows?  Since a lot of people don't want to do
much more than email and surfing, is there any no-frills option that has
all the speed and efficiency of Win9x AND lets you do Persian? (Of course,
MS could also offer such an alternative.)


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