On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 00:44, C Bobroff wrote:
> BTW, concerning the  Linux option, how does that compare in size /
> resource hogging with Windows?  Since a lot of people don't want to do
> much more than email and surfing, is there any no-frills option that has
> all the speed and efficiency of Win9x AND lets you do Persian?

I consider your "Win9x" to mean Win9x plus IE6.

The real answer depends on exactly how much one wants to do. Light
browsing with Persian is "fine" with Mozilla and its descendants
Epiphany, Firebird, Galleon, etc which are available on any recent Linux
distribution (although there are many known bugs, like IE), and I've
heard that at least KMail supports Persian fine enough for light usage
(last time I checked, it had almost the same amount of Persian bugs
compared with Outlook Express, but was much more secure). But these will
also need configuration. You'll need to install a font (which you won't
need to do with Win9x+IE6, you already have Tahoma) and you'll of course
need to setup a keyboard layout.

The speed and efficiency should be the same, or even better in Linux,
but it's been a long time I've been on a Win9x machine.

I personally only use Linux (Fedora Core 1, for that matter) for my
everyday Persian reading and writing, but I have lots of problems (which
me and Behdad are trying our best to fix). For example, my favorite
browser can't print Persian, and my favorite email reader displays
Persian sentences left-to-right, while each word is displayed correctly.
(I have workaround for many of these of course.)


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